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Is Adrian Paul thinking, “Whoa, car trouble. What will I do? Guess I’ll fix it.”?

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Adrian Paul Hewett is a television and film actor born in London.  He made recurring guest appearances in several television series’ such as The Colbys, War of the Worlds, and Dark Shadows.  He is best known for his role as “Duncan MacLeod” on Highlander: The Series.  More recently Paul played “Cole/Daggon” in the series Tracker. His latest role is as “Brad” in the film Deauville due to be released sometime in 2010.
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Vintage Actor Adrian Paul Wet and Sexy

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Adrian Paul is best known as Duncan Mac in Highlander, the action/fantasy TV series which ran from 1992-1998.  He also starred in the 2000 spin-off movie Highlander: Endgame and the 2007 made-for-TV movie Highlander: The Source. Paul’s most recent work was in the 2010 film The Heavy.