Adrian Paul Shirtless and Neatly Packaged


Is Adrian Paul thinking, “Whoa, car trouble. What will I do? Guess I’ll fix it.”?

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Adrian Paul Hewett is a television and film actor born in London.  He made recurring guest appearances in several television series’ such as The Colbys, War of the Worlds, and Dark Shadows.  He is best known for his role as “Duncan MacLeod” on Highlander: The Series.  More recently Paul played “Cole/Daggon” in the series Tracker. His latest role is as “Brad” in the film Deauville due to be released sometime in 2010.
Adrian Paul said, “I would love to play a vampire because they are so sexual.”  Hopefully we will get to see that soon! Go here If you want to see fully nude male celebrities

Shirtless Vintage Celeb Drake Hogestyn

drake hogestyn 1

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Drake Hogestyn is best known as John Black on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He has played the role since the show began in 1986.  He also appeared in the series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and in the TV movies Generation, Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues, One Stormy Night and Night Sins.

Vintage Actor Miles O’Keefe Wearing Just a Loin Cloth

miles o'keefe

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Maybe you’ve never heard of Miles O’Keefe.  Could be because he was not a particularly great actor.  But who cares if he can act.  Just looking at his fantastic body would be enough.  His first, and maybe his best known role, was as Tarzan, The Ape Man.  His co-stars were Bo Derek and Richard Harris.  This Tarzan story was written from Jane’s point of view.  It’s the first meetings of Tarzan and Jane and the tagline was:  “The most beautiful woman or our time in the most exotic adventure of all time”.  WOW!

Christopher Blue Lagoon Shirtless and More

christopher atkinsChristopher Atkins wearing his handmade island coverup

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Christopher Atkins Bomann was born in Rye, NY.  He wasn’t interested in acting until an agent he knew talked him into auditioning for The Blue Lagoon.  He won the role of “Richard” over 4,000 others who also auditioned.  The film, co-starring Brooke Shields, was an enormous success grossing over $58 million with a production cost of just $4.5 million.  He then starred, along with Kristy McNichol in The Pirate Movie, again appearing shirtless, which would become a recurring theme for him as an actor. In 1982 he was on the cover of Playgirl Magazine and later in the year posed nude for the magazine.  Atkins appeared as “Peter Richards” in one season of the prime time soap Dallas.  It became impossible for him to distance himself from his character in Blue Lagoon and during the 1990s and 2000s he appeared in several made for TV and cable films like Fatal Charms, Angel Flight Dawn, and Caved In. His most recent work was in the film Exodus Fall which starred Jesse James and Rosanna Arquette followed by a starring role in the drama Stained Glass Windows.

Gorgeous Gregory Harrison – Hunk In a Zorro Bikini


Gregory Harrison lookin’ too sexy in his teeny Zkini

Gregory Neale Harrison was born in Avalon, Catalina Island, CA and is best known for his role as “Dr. George Alonzo ‘Gonzo’ Gates” on the television series Trapper John, M.D. He played the role from 1979 to 1985.  Harrison starred in the made for TV movie For Ladies Only as a male stripper.  When he appeared in the television miniseries Fresno, a parody of prime time soap operas starring Carol Burnett, Harrison used his character “Torch” to spoof the role he played in For Ladies Only by appearing shirtless at every opportunity.  He has made guest appearances on many other television shows such as Sisters, Safe Harbor,  Ed, Judging Amy, Joey, and, most recently, One Tree Hill.
Gregory Harrison said:  “I didn’t study acting for nine years to become a hunk.”  Sorry Gregory, but it seems to have happened anyway.  And we are really glad it did!

Warren Beatty Nude


This old pic catches Warren Beatty fully nude.

Warren Beatty was born Henry Warren Beaty in Richmond, VA and is the brother of famous actress Shirley MacLaine.  Beatty is a well-known Hollywood actor, producer, writer, and director.  His first major film role was in Splendor in the Grass opposite Natalie Wood.
Beatty produced, directed, starred in and wrote the screen play for Heaven Can Wait.  He also wrote, produced, directed and/or starred in Reds, Shampoo, Bonnie and Clyde, Dick Tracy, Bulworth, and Bugsy.  Most of Beatty’s later works were done behind the camera as producer and director.  Many of his films were nominiated for Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Writer’s Guild of America Awards.
Warren Beatty, handsome, charming and so talented brought entertainment at its finest to filmgoers.