Shirtless Vintage Celeb Patrick Swayze

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Handsome, sexy, talented actor Patrick Swayze had a career that spanned 30 years and was named one of People magazine’s “sexiest man alive”.  Dirty Dancing, Road House, Ghost and Point Break of some of his best known films.  He also appeared in the TV mini-series North and South and North and South II. When  Swayze died of pancreatic cancer in 2008 one of filmdom’s most popular actors was lost.

Shirtless Patrick Swayze


Patrick Swayze so sexy and shirtless

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Patrick Swayze, born as Patrick Wayne Swayze in Houston TX, was a professionally trained dancer and began his career on the Broadway stage, at one time performing the role of “Danny Zuko” in the stage production of Grease.  His film debut was as “Ace” in Skatetown U. S. A. Another of Swayze’s early movies, The Outsiders, also starred Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise , Matt Dillon and C. Thomas Howell.
Although Patrick Swayze made many fine films during his career his stand out roles became super sexy  “Johnny Castle” in Dirty Dancing and  “Sam Wheat” in the beautiful film Ghost, both winning him Golden Globe nominations.
Patrick Swayze said:  “I’ve have more lifetimes than any 10 people put together, and it’s been an amazing ride.”  Thank you, Patrick Swayze, for taking us along on that amazing ride.