Vintage Celeb Bodybuilder Reg Lewis Shirtless


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Rugged body builder Reg Lewis won his first title, Junior Mr. Olympics, at the age of 17.  He won several more competitions including a two-time win as Mr. America. In the early 50s he and several more body builders joined Mae West as part of her Las Vegas act which opened the door to an acting career.  He had the starring role in his first film: Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules.  Lewis appeared in three more films: The Brass Bottle, Don’t Make Waves and Sextette.

Vintage Celeb Dennis Rodman Shirtless


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Flamboyant, erratic, Hall of Fame basketball player Dennis Rodman’s pro career lasted 14 years.  He played for the Detroit Pistons from 1986-1993, was signed by the San Antonio Spurs in 1993, was traded to the Chicago Bulls in 1995, was released by them in January of 1999, finished the season with the L. A. Lakers who then released him.  He signed with the Dallas Mavericks for the 1999-2000 series, played in only 12 games and was let go because of his erratic behavior.
Since then, Rodman has tried his hand at wrestling, acting, and writing.  He has published five books; Rebound: The Dennis Rodman Story, Bad As I Wanna Be, Walk on the Wild Side, and I Should Be Dead.

Shirtless Vintage Celeb Greg Louganis

greg louganis 1

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Handsome athlete Greg Louganis is an Olympic silver and gold medal diver.  At 17 he entered the Montreal Summer Olympics and earned a silver medal in tower diving.  In 1984 he won the gold in the Los Angeles Summer Olympics, setting record scores.  He again won the gold medal at the Seoul Olympics, even though in the preliminary trials he his his head on the springboard and suffered a concussion.
Louganis has written his memoir in the book Breaking the Surface which remained at number one position on the New York Best Seller List for five weeks.  The book was made into a Showtime movie with Mario Lopez in the lead and Louganis as narrator.
Greg Louganis is currently coaching divers in a wide range of ages and abilities

Stunning Steve Austin Shirtless

stunning steve austin

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Steve Austin was born Steven James Williams in Austin, TX.  He started as a pro wrestler for the WCW using the name “Stunning Steve Austin”.  In 1993, Austin and fellow wrestler Brian Pilman for a tag team known as The Hollywood Blonds.  Together they won the WCW World Tag Team Championship in March of 1993 and held the title for five months. In 1995 the WCW VP Eric Bischoff fired Austin stating he and the WCW didn’t see Austin as a “marketable” wrestler.  He then joined the WWF (now called the WWE) and used the ring name “Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Some of the titles he held while with the WWE are six Heavyweight Championships, three Tag Team Championships, two Intercontinental Championships, and Royal Rumble Winner in 1997, 1998 and 2001. He retired from wrestling in 2003 and was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2009.
Since retiring as a pro wrestler, Austin turned to acting.  He appeared in films such as The Longest Yard, The Condemned, Damage, and, most recently, an action/thriller called The Stranger.

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Gregory Efthimios Louganis, born in El Cajon, CA is an Olympic gold medal diver.  At the age of sixteen he competed in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal earning the silver medal in the tower event.  Louganis won back-to-back Olympic gold medals in the tower and spring board events at the 1984 and 1986 Summer Olympics.  During the preliminaries at the 1986 Olympics he hit his head on the springboard and suffered a concussion.  However, he completed the primaries and went on to win two gold medals.
In addition to his spectacular diving career Greg Louganis has co-written a best-selling book titled Breaking the Surface and has had minor roles in films such as Dirty Laundry, Power Moves, and Watercolors.  He also competes in dog agility competitions with his dogs Dr. Schivago , Captain Woof Blitzer, and Dobby.  He has co-written a book on the care and training of dog titles For the Life of Your Dog.

Wrestling Champ Shawn Michaels Shirtless

shawn michaels

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Shawn Michaels was born in Chandler, AZ and is a WWF 3-time champion.  He was the first WWF superstar to enter as the number one position in a Royal Rumble match and to win the match.  Michaels was a headliner in four Wrestlemanias:  in 1995 against Kevin Nash, 1996 against Bret Hart, 1998 against Steve Austin, and, in 2004 against Triple H and Chris Benoit.
After receiving a serious back injury in a match in the 1998 Royal Rumble, Micheals was forced to retire.  He returned to wrestling in 2002 and retired permanently in March of 2010.
Not one to be modest, Shawn Michaels  once said, “I’ll go out there and give you a show like you’ve never seen.  Why?.. Because I can!”   He also stated that he was to wrestling as Elvis was to rock n’ roll.

Shirtless Jim Brown Blasts Away

jim brown

Jim Brown rugged athlete and actor

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James Nathaniel Brown was born in St. Simons Island Georgia.  The Sporting News called him the greatest professional football player there ever was.  He had  a record setting nine year career as running back for the Cleveland Browns.
Brown turned to acting debuting in the film Rio Conchos.  Over the years he appeared in more than 50 films and television series episodes.  He recently appeared in the film Dream Street with Tyson Beckford and will play himself in The Sandy Creek Girls to be released sometime in 2010.
Jim Brown’s reputation as the greatest player in the history of the NFL drew this response from a defensive lineman when asked the best way to tackle Brown:  “Grab hold of him and wait for help”.