Richard Gere Vintage Celeb Looks Smokin’ Shirtless

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The pretty man from Pretty Woman is still one sexy guy.  His last film, The Double, was released here on October 28, 2011.  His next film, Arbitrage will be released sometime in 2012.  Richard Gere is the voice of Henry in the animated film Henry & Me also coming out in 2012.

Richard Gere Shirtless Smoothy

richard gere

Shirtless Richard Gere is sexy

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Richard Gere was born Richard Tiffany (Tiffany?) Gere in Philadelphia, PA.  American Gigolo was the film that really established Gere as a sexy, leading man.  He followed that success with another one as “Zack Mayo” in An Officer and a Gentleman.  Soon after came The Cotton Club, written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.   There was also Primal Fear, The Jackal, co-starring Bruce Willis, and Chicago where he showed he could dance as well as act.  And who could forget the two great films he made with Julia Roberts; Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride.  Gere will star as Brooklyn cop “Eddie Dugan” in Brooklyn’s Finest to be released in March of 2010.
Richard Gere has been quoted as saying:  “I don’t want to be a personality.”  Too late now.