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george nader

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George Nader, born in Pasadena, CA was a film and television actor who won a Golden Globe Award in 1955 for Most Promising Newcomer.  He signed a contract with Universal Studios, however the studio already had several handsome, well-built male actors like Rock Hudson, Tony Curtin and Jeff Chandler, who overshadowed newcomer Nader.  He did appear in several films such as Carnival Story, Away All Boats, Phone Call from a Stranger, and as “Roy” the hero who saves the world in the low-budget 3-D sci-fi film Robot Monster. Nader also appeared in various role in several episodes of Fireside Theatre, Lux Video Theatre, and The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen. He was cast as “Dr. Glenn Barton’ in the adventure series The Man and the Challenge, and as “Joe Shannon” in Shannon.
When, in the mid 1950s it was discovered that Nader was in a homosexual relationship it ended his Hollywood career.  He and his companion, Mark Miller, moved to Europe, becoming the second most popular star in Germany.  In 1974, after sustaining an eye injury which caused extreme sensitivity to light and also developing glaucoma, George Nader retired from acting.