Shirtless Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong, China and his birth name is Kong-sang Chan.  Kong-sang simply means “born in Hong Kong”.  After the death of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, the search for an actor to take his place.  Along came Jackie Chan who felt that he should develop his own style rather than attempt to imitate the style of Bruce Lee.  He became one of the first martial artists to combine action with comedy.
Most of Chan’s films were made in China and then dubbed in English for English speaking audiences.  He appeared in more than 100 movies creating a loyal cult following.  He does most of his own stunt work which has caused him to sustain numerous injuries and made it difficult for him to get insurance.  Many of his injuries have been shown as outtakes during the closing credits of his films.
Jackie Chan once said, “Don’t try to be like Jackie.  There is only one Jackie…Study computers instead.”