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From 1992-1997, Lorenzo Lamas starred as Reno on the action series Renegade.  As a renegade cop he got to ride around on a motorcycle  wearing a muscle shirt and having long, luscious black hair.  Quite a treat. The show ran from 1992-1997.  Prior to Renegade, he had one of the lead roles on the prime time soap Falcon Crest, and spent the years from 2004-2007 playing Hector Ramirez on the daytime soap The Bold and the Beautiful.

Shirtless and Sexy Vintage Celeb Lorenzo Lamas

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Lorenzo Lamas, son of vintage actor Fernando Lamas, became well-known as “Lance Cumson” on the prime time soap opera Falcon Crest. He was with the show from its beginning in 1981 until the last season in 1990.  He  had a long run in the lead role of  the action series Renegade, and starred in the 1998 series Air America and the 2000 horror series The Immortal.
More recently, Lamas starred as himself in a reality show that focused on his own real-life family  titled Leave it to Lamas.  It aired on the E! channel.

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Handsome Argentine actor Fernando Lamas, father or Lorenzo Lamas, appeared in dozens of US films, most often in the role of  “Latin lover”.  He was able to play those roles easily as, in real life, he was the archetypical playboy.
Although primarily a screen actor, Lamas made appearances on many television shows including Run For Your Life, It Takes a Thief, Mission Impossible, Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, and The Love Boat.
In addition to acting, Fernando Lamas directed, wrote, and produced many series episodes.