Tony Curtis Semi-Nude Bathing Laurence Olivier!

tony curtis antoninus bathes w marcus licinius spartacus

Tony Curtis bathing Laurence Olivier in a scene from Spartacus

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Bernard Schwartz, born in New York City, changed his name to Tony Curtis when he became an actor.  He worked in various genres to to avoid being type cast.  He appeared in light comedies such as Goodbye Charlie,  Some Like It Hot and Little Miss Marker.  He played in epic films including Spartacus and Taras Bulba, in westerns  Kansas Raiders, and Winchester ‘73, and the psychological role of “Albert DeSalvo” in the Boston Strangler.  His most recent film is David & Fatima where he plays the role of…”Mr. Schwartz”.
Tony Curtis said:  “I was 22 when I arrived in Hollywood.  I had more action than Mount Vesuvius-men, women, animals!.  I loved it too.  I participated where I wanted to and didn’t where I didn’t.  I’ve always been open about it.”  That statement seems to lead to more questions than answers Mr. Curtis!