Shirtless Vintage Actor Tom Noonan

tom noonan manhunter 1

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Vintage actor Tom Noonan began his acting career in the off-Broadway production of Buried Child.  At 6′ 6″ he was perfect for the part”menacing villain” and played that role Robo Cop 2, Last Action Hero, Manhunter, The Pledge and the role of Frankenstein in The Monster Squad.  The picture above shows a scene from the 1986 film Manhunter. Noonan’s first TV appearance was in an episode of Tales from the Darkside. From 2009-2001. he played Detective Victor Huntley on the series Damages which stars Glenn Close. He currently appears on the new Western TV series Hell on Wheels in the role of Reverand Cole.

George Hamilton Shirtless

george hamilton 1

Dashing, handsome George Hamilton, with his matinee-idol looks and unfailingly bronze skin, has had a long career in both film and television. Among his more notable films are Home From The Hill, All The Fine Young Cannibals, the romantic comedy Where The Boys Are, and The Victors. He played Hank Williams in Your Cheatin’ Heart, and Evil Knievel in the film by the same name.  A major break came when he was cast as Lawyer B. J. Harrison in The Godfather: Part III. In the fall of 2011 Hamilton began playing the role of Georges in the national tour revival of the stage play La Cage Aus Folles.

Vintage Celeb Marc Singer Shirtless

marc singer 1

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Marc Singer came to fame through his starring role as Dar in the Beastmaster films (both big screen and TV) and in the television series.  He also appeared in dozens of TV episodes including: Dallas, Roots, Barnaby Jones, Hawaii Five-O, and VIf You Could See What I Hear, Body Chemistry, In The Cold of the Night, Watchers II, and What Lies Above are just a few of the films he appeared in.  Singer’s most recent work is the lead role in the thriller film House Haunting.

Vintage Celeb Fabian Shirtless

fabian 1

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Fabian began his singing career in the early 50s.  After several appearances on American Bandstand, he became a national teen idol.  Several of his singles made the Billboard 100 including I’m a Man, Hound- Dog Man, Turn Me Loose, and About This Thing Called LoveTiger was his biggest hit and rose to #3 on the US charts.  His film career began in 1959 with Hound-Dog Man and included Five Weeks in a Balloon, Ten Little Indians, North To Alaska, The Longest Day, and Ride the Wild Surf.

Currently, Fabian is involved with the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association.

Shirtless Vintage Celeb Richard Long

rock hudson and richard long

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Richard Long is best known for his leading roles in three TV series: The Big Valley, Nanny and the Professor and Bourbon Street Beat. He also made recurring guest appearances of episodes of Maverick, Hawaiian Eye, and Twilight Zone. Long’s films include The Stranger, Cult of the Cobra, House on Haunted Hill, and Follow the Boys.,

Vintage Celeb Bodybuilder Reg Lewis Shirtless


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Rugged body builder Reg Lewis won his first title, Junior Mr. Olympics, at the age of 17.  He won several more competitions including a two-time win as Mr. America. In the early 50s he and several more body builders joined Mae West as part of her Las Vegas act which opened the door to an acting career.  He had the starring role in his first film: Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules.  Lewis appeared in three more films: The Brass Bottle, Don’t Make Waves and Sextette.

Vintage Celeb Udo Kier Shirtless

udo kier 1

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Udo Kier’s acting specialty is villains in horror films.  He has starred in several vampire movies such as Andy Warhol’s productions of Frankenstein, and Dracula, Blood for Dracula, Blade, Modern Vampires, and Shadow of the Vampires. Udo also did several non-horror films like My Own Private Idaho, Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Armageddon. His most recent work is in the action/comedy, Night of the Templar which will be released sometime in 2012.

Bruce Willis-Shirtless Vintage Celeb

bruce_willis 5

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Although award winning superstar Bruce Willis has appeared in more than sixty films he is like Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys, The Fifth Element, Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, Sin City and Red, the films he is best known for is the Die Hard series.  His big break came in the role of David Addison, with co-star Sybil Shepherd as Madelyn on the comedy/drama TV series Moonlighting.  He played the role of Mel in the recently released film Catch .44, and, good news for Die Hard fans is A Good Day To Die Hard will begin production in 2013.

Vintage Celeb Lorenzo Lamas Shirtless

lorenzo-lamas 6

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From 1992-1997, Lorenzo Lamas starred as Reno on the action series Renegade.  As a renegade cop he got to ride around on a motorcycle  wearing a muscle shirt and having long, luscious black hair.  Quite a treat. The show ran from 1992-1997.  Prior to Renegade, he had one of the lead roles on the prime time soap Falcon Crest, and spent the years from 2004-2007 playing Hector Ramirez on the daytime soap The Bold and the Beautiful.

Rob Stewart Shirtless Vintage Celeb

rob stewart 1

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Canadian actor Rob Stewart made guest appearances in episodes of several Canadian and US TV shows and then landed the lead role in the Canadian series Sweating Bullets. In 2007, he played Andre McBride on the sci-fi series Painkiller Jane.  The show lasted only on season but it gave Stewart more opportunities to hone his acting skills.  He continued to appear in films and TV movies until joining the cast of the US crime series Nikita in 2011 in the role of Roan.