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Born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in Syracuse, NY, Tom Cruise launched his career with that memorable scene from Risky Business where he lip-syncs and dances to the tune of That Old Time Rock and Roll.  Then, of course, there was Top Gun, the Mission: Impossible films, The Color of Money, Cocktail, Rainman, Born on the Fourth of July, A Few Good Men, and many more great films.
Tom Cruise enrolled in a seminary to become a priest when he was 14, but dropped out after a year.  The priesthood’s loss is sure our gain!

Beautiful Brad Pitt Shirtless


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Brad Pitt, born William Bradley Pitt in Shawnee, OK,  is one of Hollywood’s all time sexiest actors.  His role as “J. D.” in Thelma and Louise gained him recognition, established him as a sex symbol, and helped him land roles in big-budget movies like A River Runs Through It, Interview with the Vampire, Legends of the Fall, Seven, and Twelve Monkeys.  He has starred in Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’ s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen along with another Hollywood sex symbol, George Clooney.
Brad Pitt’s role as “Achilles” in the film Troy and “John Smith” in Mr. & Mrs. Smith were his biggest commercial successes.  He has been nominated for numerous awards and won two for his supporting role in Twelve Monkey’s.
A quote from Brad Pitt:  “Success is a beast.  And it actually puts the emphasis on the wrong thing.  You get away with more instead of looking within.”  Well, when it comes to you, looking at the outside isn’t such a bad thing.

Rob Lowe Shirtless and So Sexy


Robe Lowe is gorgeous shirtless

Rob Lowe was born Robert Hepler Lowe in Charlottesville, VA.  He became a member of the famed Brat Pack  after appearing in the “coming-of-age” films The Outsiders and St. Elmo’s Fire.  He hit a rough spot in his life and career when a videotape of him having sex with two women was leaked.  He entered a rehab clinic for alcohol and sex addiction and got back on track.
In 1994 Lowe appeared in The Stand, a television mini-series based on the book by author Stephen King.  In 1999 He landed the role of “Sam Seaborn” on the award winning White House drama The West Wing.  Rob Lowe currently plays the character “Senator Robert McCallister on another award winning drama, Brothers & Sisters.

Johnny Depp Lying Shirtless On A Bed

johnny depp 3

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Johnny Depp was born John Christopher Depp II in Owensboro, KY.  If there’ an offbeat role in an offbeat film Johnny Depp has done it and will do it again.  His role as “Officer Tom Hanson” on 21 Jump Street made him a teen idol, a status Depp was very much irritated by,  so he created a place in the film industry that was all his own, one that is unconventional, somewhat eccentric, and so wonderful to see.
His choice of roles consistently surprise and delight his audience.  Roles like “Edward Sissorhands, “Sam” in Benny & Joon,  “Gilbert Grape” in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape , “Ichabod Crane” in Sleepy Hollow, “Willy Wonka” in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and, of course, “Jack Sparrow” in three Pirates of the Caribbean films.
Johnny Depp doesn’t just portray fictional characters but has also played people from real life like Edward Wood, Jr, Donnie Brasco/Joseph D. Piston in Donnie Brasco, Jack Kerouac iin The Source, George Jung in Blow, Hunter Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and John Dillinger in Public Enemies, all men who are pretty unconventional themselves.  This is just a short list of the many great films of Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp said. “I don’t pretent to be captain weird.  I just do what I do”.  And we are all extremely happy that you do!

George Clooney Nude

George Clooney nude

George Clooney Eating Ice Cream In The Nude.  Yum!

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George Clooney was born George Timothy Clooney in Lexington, KY.    Early in his career he appeared in a couple of B grade horror films:  Return to Horror High and Return of the Killer Tomatoes.  Clooney made several guest appearances on the television sitcom Roseanne as “Brooker Brooks” But his star really rose as “Dr. Doug Ross” in the TV medical drama ER. Clooney remained in the role from 1994-1999 and made a return appearance on the show’s series finale in 2009.
George Clooney has so many acting, directing and producing credits to his name that it would take forever to list them all.  Among his many memorable films are Batman & Robin as “Bruce Wayne/Batman”, Oh Brother, Where Are Thou? as “Ulysses Everett McGill”, as “Danny Ocean” in Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Oceans Thirteen.  Clooney starred as “Fred Friendly” in Good Night, and Good Luck, as “Michael Clayton” in the film by the same name, and, most recently, as Lyn Cassady” in The Man Who Stared At Goats.
Clooney is happy doing commercial, entertaining films but also likes to stir thing up a bit with more controversial films like Three Kings and Good Night, and Good Luck.
According to Clooney he would “rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page!”  Bet that would be number one in the TV ratings, George!!

Richard Gere Shirtless Smoothy

richard gere

Shirtless Richard Gere is sexy

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Richard Gere was born Richard Tiffany (Tiffany?) Gere in Philadelphia, PA.  American Gigolo was the film that really established Gere as a sexy, leading man.  He followed that success with another one as “Zack Mayo” in An Officer and a Gentleman.  Soon after came The Cotton Club, written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.   There was also Primal Fear, The Jackal, co-starring Bruce Willis, and Chicago where he showed he could dance as well as act.  And who could forget the two great films he made with Julia Roberts; Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride.  Gere will star as Brooklyn cop “Eddie Dugan” in Brooklyn’s Finest to be released in March of 2010.
Richard Gere has been quoted as saying:  “I don’t want to be a personality.”  Too late now.

Robert De Niro Shirtless and Inked

les nerfs à vif cape fear 1991 réal : martin scorsese Robert De Niro Collection Christophel

A menacing, shirtless Robert De Niro in a scene from Cape Fear

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Robert De Niro was born Robert Mario De Niro, Jr. in New York City.  If there is an acting style that De Niro hasn’t played, and played extraordinarily well, it hasn’t been invented.
A heart rending performance as terminally ill “Bruce Pearson”  in Bang the Drum Slowly, murderous psychopath “Travis Bickle” in Taxi Driver,  Viet Nam soldier “Michael” in The Deer Hunter,  boxer “Jake La Motta” in Raging Bull, “Al Capone” in The Untouchables, “Leonard Lowe” in Awakenings, “Jack Byrnes” in Meet the Parents. So many Grade A+ performances and never enough space.
He could terrify you, make you cry or make you laugh and sometimes all three in the same movie. Robert De Niro said, “The talent is in the choices”.  Seems he has made all the best ones.

Michael Landon Shirtless on the Ponderosa

michael landon shirtless

Michael Landon hot, sweaty and shirtless

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Michael Landon, born Eugene Maurice Orowitz (you heard me!) in Forest Hill, Queens, was “Joseph ‘Little Joe Cartwright”  for 14 seasons of Bonanza.  He went on to play the part of “Charles Ingalls” on Little House on the Prairie for nine seasons and then as “Jonathan Smith” for five seasons of Highway to Heaven.  And let’s not forget “Tony Rivers” in I Was A Teenage Werewolf, which was Landon’s first major role.
Michael Landon had the reputation of being exactly like the kind, gentle, heroic characters he played.  He once said about himself that he didn’t have the big, muscular look that many actors had and that he “was still 125 pounds and the five foot nine I’d always be”.  He sure Llooks pretty hunky to me.