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Although his rise to stardom came in 1983 in the film Risky Business, Tom Cruise is still one of the hottest stars in Hollywood.  He appeared in the fourth Mission Impossible film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, in 2011.  Cruise recently finished filming One Shot in the role of Jack Reacher the hugely popular protagonist in the long running series by author Lee Child.  Get ready for a possible Top Gun 2 and the fifth Mission Impossible.

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Born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in Syracuse, NY, Tom Cruise launched his career with that memorable scene from Risky Business where he lip-syncs and dances to the tune of That Old Time Rock and Roll.  Then, of course, there was Top Gun, the Mission: Impossible films, The Color of Money, Cocktail, Rainman, Born on the Fourth of July, A Few Good Men, and many more great films.
Tom Cruise enrolled in a seminary to become a priest when he was 14, but dropped out after a year.  The priesthood’s loss is sure our gain!